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Data-Driven Modeling in Dynamic Networks

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Modern demands on engineering systems require the ability to model, monitor, optimize and control dynamic systems that are spatially interconnected as networks of systems. Examples can be found e.g. in distributed (smart) power systems, industrial production processes, and transportation networks. In this research project we develop methods and tools for the mathematical modelling of interconnected dynamic systems on the basis of measured data. To this end we base our research on contributions from the fields of system identification, machine learning, data analytics and statistical modelling, to come up with effective and scalable tools for data-driven modelling in dynamic networks. Potential domains of application extend beyond the engineering domain, including biomedical science and econometrics. Data-driven modeling tools for dynamic networks are expected to become essential tools in the high-level future ICT environment for monitoring, control and optimization of cyber-physical systems of systems, as well as in many other domains of science.

Prof. Paul Van den Hof,
ERC Advanced Research Grant holder

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A prototype dynamic network in the module frameworkA prototype dynamic network in the module framework